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We can remove all kinds of marine waste, including spent oils, fuels, ropes, oily rags, filters, waste water and bilge

Marine Waste Disposal

Welcome to Oil Recoveries, your trusted experts in the disposal of marine waste. Whether it's dockside or at sea, we have the knowledge and capabilities to effectively remove and dispose of a wide range of marine waste materials.

At Oil Recoveries, we understand the unique challenges and environmental concerns associated with marine waste. Our team is experienced in handling various types of marine waste, and we offer comprehensive solutions to ensure safe and responsible disposal. Some of the marine waste materials we specialize in removing and disposing of include:

  • Waste Water: We provide efficient removal and disposal services for waste water, helping to maintain clean and environmentally friendly waterways.
  • Waste Oil: Proper disposal of waste oil is crucial to prevent pollution. Our experts are skilled in the safe removal and environmentally responsible disposal of waste oil.
  • Sludges: Sludges can be a byproduct of marine operations, and we have the expertise to handle and dispose of sludges in compliance with regulations.
  • Redundant Fuels, Lubricants & Chemicals: Proper disposal of redundant fuels, lubricants, and chemicals is essential to prevent contamination. We ensure the safe removal and disposal of these materials.
  • Bilge Water: We offer effective bilge water removal and disposal services, keeping your vessels compliant with environmental regulations.
  • Solid Waste: From packaging materials to debris, we can remove and dispose of various types of solid waste generated in marine operations.

In addition to our waste disposal services, we also provide the following solutions and equipment:

  • Bespoke Containers, Skips, and Waste Containers: We supply customized containers and skips to meet your specific waste management needs, ensuring efficient and safe storage of waste materials.
  • Specialist Pumping Equipment: Our specialized pumping equipment is designed to handle various marine waste materials, enabling us to efficiently remove waste from your vessels.
  • Tank Cleaning & Decontamination: We offer tank cleaning and decontamination services to ensure proper maintenance and compliance with safety and environmental regulations.
  • Bunker Transfer Equipment: Our equipment is capable of handling bunker transfers, allowing for efficient and safe fuel transfers during marine operations.

With Oil Recoveries, you can trust that your marine waste will be managed responsibly and in accordance with all relevant regulations.

Contact us today to discuss your marine waste disposal needs, and let us provide you with tailored solutions to ensure a clean and environmentally friendly marine environment.


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