Maintaining your fuel infrastructure


If you would like to discover more about how our environmental services can benefit you and your business, just get in touch.

Our engineers and drivers can help keep your fuel in perfect condition, avoiding costly and potentially dangerous pitfalls that come through fuel storage. We have a friendly and knowledgeable team happy to tell you more how we can help save you money and stress.

 It is vital to your fuel supply to proactively manage storage - it will not only extend the life span of fuel tanks and transit systems, fuel pumps and lines but help to avoid downtime and ensure a valid fuel supply when it's needed most.

Fuel Services

From fuel oil testing to monitoring supplies, we can ensure the quality of your fuel. 

Our large fleet and trained drivers can handle bulk transfers throughout the UK, whilst our qualified chemists will ensure oils and fuels are not contaminated. Oil Recoveries will advise of advance warnings of water absorption, sulphur build up and atmospheric pollution.


Tank Cleaning

Old fuel tanks can be a client's worst nightmare, through sludge build up or corrosion. Dirty fuel is a threat to critical systems.

Through regular precautionary inspections and regular cleaning of your oil tanks, we can save huge sums of money and avoid major problems occurring further down the line.


Fuel Polishing

Over time, fuel can break down and take on particulates and water. It is vital to have fresh usable fuel, particularly in critical industries, such as medicare, data services and education, where emergency fuel supplies must be guaranteed.

Our fuel polishing services will ensure your oil and fuel is ready for action at all times.


Fuel Testing

Fuel Testing

When diesel is bulk stored without treatment for longer than 6-12 months it can become contaminated. Dirty fuel ultimately is a threat to your critical systems, loss of standby power, business continuity and could cost thousands in damage if left untreated. 

• Contaminants in your stored fuel are incredibly harmful to emergency generators and their ageing infrastructures as it can damage clog filters, fuel injectors and if your tank has layers of build-up it can cause detrimental oil spills from tank/pipe failure and overfills.

Our sampling and testing service analyses the water, particulate and chemicals, checking the quality of your stored fuel and determines next steps which could include: fuel cleaning, fuel uplifting or a new supply

Fuel Polishing

Fuel Polishing

If your fuel sample and testing highlights your fuel is out of specification as it contains high levels of suspended water or particulate contamination, we can clean, filter and polish your stored fuel back to Class A2 Refinery grade specification for both water and particulate. 

• In general terms, more than 90% of contamination can be found in the bottom 10% of the tank! We have a range of specialist probes, pipes and pumps that draw up this section of the tank enabling us to filter your fuel more effectively.  

• Our systems are capable of processing more than 100,000 litres in a single day! We have a range of fuel cleaning platforms, giving us options for any project whatever the size and nature of the fuel to be cleaned.

•  Once the contaminated fuel is removed, we will provide a full report and waste certification, under the terms of its EA waste permit licence for evidence that your fuel is maintained by specialists and you’ll have ‘peace of mind’ it’s reliable. 

• There are many reasons to consider why your stored fuel needed filtering, polishing and cleaning. It could just be part of your regular proactive maintenance plan or it could be because of a wider issue that your tank and its infrastructure needs testing and cleaning which is why you’ve experienced fuel that’s out of specification.

Tank Cleaning

Industrial Tank Cleaning

Keeping your tanks clean, protects from contamination and degradation for both your fuel and your tank.

• A tank clean is recommended to ensure compliance and avoids pollution incidents, mandatory fines and emergency spill costs.
• Our Confined Spaces Operatives are highly trained and experienced in working in high-risk environments.
• Where non-many entry systems are not practical, strict health and safety systems are adhered to.
• Once the fuel has been uplifted, we will remove contaminants from the bottom of the tank using specialist hoses connected to a vacuum tanker. 
• Finally, the tank is jet washed, dried and inspected by our specialist team. 

Fuel Tank Testing

NDT Tank Testing

NDT testing is “non-destructive testing” and is the application of measurement techniques in order to identify damage and irregularities in the material of the tank. It’s vital, as NDT is seen as the only method of being able to see the current ‘health’ of a tank.

NDT tests include a range of different tests and services and are dependent upon your unique requirements. Tests may include:
•  Tank thickness testing
•  Tank base testing
•  Tank weld testing
•  Hardness testing
•  Ultrasonic inspection
•  UAV inspection

Tank Decommissioning

Industrial Tank Decommissioning

We can compliantly decommission tank storage facilities up to and including COMAH registered infrastructure, above ground or below ground tank (or many tanks). Tank cutting, tank removal and any subsequent civil works.

• Your fuel tank may need decommissioning if it is out of warranty, you’ve recently discovered buried tank, a complex pipework system, damaged infrastructure, failed a specific tank test or is registered as too much of a risk by a client (typically both environmentally and commercially) our team are able to help.
• We have a rich history of delivering tank decommissioning projects to large public sector clients. 
• As a Crown Commercial Services supplier, we have successfully supported public sector clients in utilising the most recent available frameworks

Industrial Fuel and Oil Tank installation

Industrial Tank Installation

Our skilled workforce, are trained to the standards required by OCTEL, HSE and MOD SRP3. We have a wealth of experience in fuel tank and pipe installations. Whether you are implementing a one-off project or you’re installing a new tank as it’s part of a full site decommissioning, we understand and can meet the unique needs and demands of our clients across the UK. 

• We can install and commission both metal and plastic tanks For red diesel (gas oil), white diesel (derv), kerosene HFO (heavy fuel oil), waste oil, water, solvents.

Additional Fuel Services

Oil Recoveries offer free site surveys. By monitoring fuel quality and supply levels you will never be left with supply issues just when you need them most.

Our expertise covers:

  • Red Diesel (Gas Oil)
  • DERV (White Diesel)
  • Kerosene
  • Lubricants
  • Industrial Heating Oil
  • Home Heating Oil
  • Renewable Fuels
  • Biodiesel
  • CHP Biofuel
  • Ancillary Products
  • Carbon Offset Fuels
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