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The UK's most trusted oil recovery service

We are the UK's specialist oil disposal experts

Oil Recoveries are the professionals you can trust when it comes to the removal, recycling or disposal of your oil waste. Our fleet of vehicles operates nationwide and we have local operatives in many areas, so we're only a phone call away. Oil Recoveries' reputation for efficient, friendly service, reliability and integrity is well deserved.

We specialise in the safe removal, recycling or disposal of: Waste Oil, Oil Filters, Batteries, Contaminated Fuels, Soiled Rags, Solvents, Antifreeze, even Chemicals.

We can help you with all kinds of oil disposal - from waste cooking oil disposal and waste engine oil to kerosene or old petrol. We'll take care of it for you, safely and correctly.

Our service extends well beyond the removal of waste - we offer a full service for garages, fleet managers, marine and shipping businesses. These services not only include collection and safe removal of fuels, oils and other waste, our team is trained to deliver a comprehensive removal and cleaning service for contaminated areas or unwanted equipment. Each service meets all the latest EU Regulations, so the waste or byproduct will be processed and recycled wherever possible, or disposed of safely if re-use is impractical.

The Oil Recoveries team offer the perfect solution for your business and the environment.

Automotive Waste Disposal, Garage Oil waste, Filters

Automotive Waste

Oil Recoveries specialise in the safe removal of waste from the motor trade. We can dispose of used engine oils and car batteries from garages, large or small.

Oil Recoveries Marine waste disposal, oil and fuel waste

Marine Waste

Oil Recoveries have years of experience dealing with waste at sea and onshore. Waste fuel collection and waste water collection are our specialities.

Old fuel collection, fuel disposal, refining UK

Redundant Fuels

Our team remove not only oil waste, we offer services that are ideal for other materials, even waste cooking oil disposal or kerosene disposal.

Oil Spill Bund cleaning UK, waste oil disposal

Bund Area Cleaning

Specialist Cleaning Equipment & Vacuum Tankers available at short notice or on regular schedules.

Oil Recoveries Equipment disposal, waste removal

Equipment Removal

We can safely remove large plant, silos, vessels and fuel processing equipment of all kinds.

Oil disposal, safe waste removal UK

Environmental Standards

Oil Recoveries waste management  services use the most efficient methods of disposal and recycling.

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