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Oil Recoveries is mitigating its environmental impact

Here at Oil Recoveries we take our environmental impact seriously and consciously take steps within our business practices to protect the planet.

With global warming an ongoing issue in our world, we're doing our part to cut the emissions of our HGV fleet on the road, encourage recycling and paperless systems, and participate in the circular economy by re-refining and recycling the waste materials we recover.

Across the UK, waste oil is still illegally disposed of or burned as a heavily polluting fuel. We're on a mission to change this — and we're proud to be a fully licenced and accredited organisation committed to providing safe, clean, legally compliant and environmentally responsible waste management solutions.

We're constantly striving to meet or exceed EU regulations with regards to environmental protection and continuously optimise our processes to meet current and future legislation. Corporate and environmental responsibility is at the heart of everything we do.

Did you also know our drivers' routes are meticulously and strategically planned to minimise our CO2 emissions and carbon footprint, while also ensuring we can offer the most efficient routes to our valued customers?

We recognise the harmful and global effects of excessive fuel emissions and we're doing our part to make the world a cleaner, greener place for future generations.

We take the environment into consideration every step of our process, from logistical planning right through to the oil re-refinery, recycling and regeneration process.

Oil Recoveries are proud to offer a comprehensive range of waste management and recycling services, backed by decades of industry experience. Join us today and go green!

September 2022

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