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In an era where environmental concerns have reached a critical juncture, industries are striving to adopt sustainable practices to reduce carbon emissions and minimize their ecological footprint. One such industry taking significant strides towards a greener future is the waste oil collection sector. Oil Recoveries, a leading player in this domain, has demonstrated commitment to sustainability by re-refining a staggering 17,719,600 litres of used lubricant between January 2022 and August 2022. This remarkable feat has resulted in the avoidance of an impressive 50,500,860 kgCO2e (50,501 tonnes CO2e) of carbon emissions. To put this accomplishment into perspective, it is equivalent to the carbon absorption capacity of a 3,700-acre forest or the annual carbon footprint of 3,885 individuals in the UK.

Re-Refining for a Greener Future

With a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, Oil Recoveries sets an exemplary standard in the waste management industry. Refining used oil is the company's primary focus, so that it can be reused while still serving its original purpose. The re-refining process involves the removal of impurities and contaminants from used lubricants, restoring them to a quality that meets industry standards.
By re-refining an astounding 17,719,600 litres of used lubricant, Oil Recoveries has effectively prevented these oils from being discarded and replaced with new ones. As a result, virgin lubricants are produced and disposed of in a more environmentally friendly manner, saving valuable resources and reducing carbon emissions. The avoided carbon emissions of 50,500,860 kgCO2e demonstrate the immense environmental benefits of the company's re-refining practices.

The carbon savings achieved by Oil Recoveries can also be compared with other environmental benchmarks to demonstrate the positive impact of the company's efforts. The equivalent carbon absorption of a 3,700-acre forest, which is 5.2 times the size of the City of London, showcases the magnitude of the company's carbon offsetting initiatives. Forests are crucial in capturing and storing carbon dioxide, making this comparison a powerful testament to the positive influence of re-refining on the environment.

Another perspective on the company's carbon savings is provided by comparing it to the average annual carbon footprint of 3,885 individuals in the UK. The fact that the carbon emissions avoided by Oil Recoveries are equivalent to the carbon footprint of this many people for a whole year is remarkable. It underlines the transformative potential of re-refining in tackling climate change and demonstrates how the company is making a substantial contribution to the collective efforts for a greener future.

Waste Oil Re-refining environmental commitment

Innovative Solutions for Unusable Lubricants

While Oil Recoveries re-refines the vast majority of used lubricants, there may be a small remaining amount that cannot be reused due to various factors. However, our commitment to sustainability does not stop there. We repurpose this residual quantity and find alternative applications, ensuring that it does not end up as waste.

One such application is using the leftover lubricant to power the oil re-refining process itself. In addition to reducing its reliance on traditional energy sources, Oil Recoveries contribute to a more sustainable future by using unusable lubricants as a source of energy.

Moreover, the repurposed lubricants find their way into various applications, including road construction. Even the smallest remnants of oil can be utilised by the company by incorporating them into road surfaces. This innovative approach not only minimizes waste but also provides additional benefits such as improved durability and performance of the roads we drive on.


Sustainability and environmental stewardship are the pillars of Oil Recoveries' commitment to waste management. By re-refining a substantial volume of used lubricant and repurposing the remaining unusable portion, the company has avoided an astounding 50,500,860 kgCO2e of carbon emissions. This impressive achievement is equivalent to the carbon absorbed by a vast forest or the annual carbon footprint of thousands of individuals. As a result of its innovative solutions and proactive approach, Oil Recoveries is setting a precedent for a greener future in the oil recovery industry, demonstrating that sustainability and economic viability can coexist. 

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